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Open-Segment - Flower

Row 19 on, row 20 is the last open segment row. Then I have to decide what I want to do to cap it off
Using my artist license, and adding a open segment row of all maple at the top of the bowl. Did not want the pattern to run into the closing ring.

Second uses of artist license originally planned to have a thin yellowheart accent ring along with the padauk ring, but decided it would be unnoticeable as yellowheart so I've decided to use maple. Had a solid maple ring already made from previous bowl so only had to make the padauk ring. Glued up this morning wait for it to dry.

Great project, Bob. Thanks for your work on documenting it for all of us.

I'm experimenting with a couple things - first, I'm making the thumbnails larger and I'm also having it include the other pictures that are found on each page.
First layer of padauk on and the intermediate layer of maple on flattened and ready for the final layer of padauk
IMG_20170128_190505979.jpg IMG_20170128_190512237.jpg

Final layer of padauk glued on drying
Tomorrow we will part off the padauk to a thinner layer and do some turning
What is the blue tape for Bob? Glue squeeze out? Should be rewarding to turn this build. Can't wait to see the finished project.
Blue painter tape to keep glue of the openings on the top row of segments when I glue on the top ring
Looking to start a 60. I have to practice up I have a presentation in June to our wood workers guild