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I am a member of the Mandurah Group and a member of the Segmenters Mob, which is a sub group made up of members from all of the groups in Western Australia under the overarching agency called the West Australian Woodturners Association (WAWA). We have regular demonstrations on all the softwares available but are really getting stuck into Segment Pro, helping all those who are new to our craft.
what is the dia. of the bowl you use for your picture? yes I'm new to this forum. thanks in advance Brian
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller
I think it was about 12 inches. I no longer have that piece in my possession.
Got my validation code today..... now where to start???
looking for tutorials on how to use the programs
Check out the Tutorial section. Some good videos.
Also you can do a Search for WTP or SP vids.
Just updated Lamination pro and Woodturner pro also Installed segment pro. I have got to say I’m pretty excited to get going on designing new segmented projects. Being on lockdown for COVID 19 I have a lot of time to learn these softwares. I don’t think I will get bored.