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I don't know why anyone would want to try to duplicate the overly-complicated accu-wedge bandsaw jig.

Just make a two-fence sled that is similar to what Jerry Bennett shows on his segmentology videos. The zero-clearance fence" that attaches to the table saw insert will have to be integral with the band saw sled version. You will need to make or buy some angle plates to set your fence angle precisely.
Hi John
I do not get around much my wife does the driving since the bombing due to meds and brain damage. I was going to ask Ed if he would donate some pen kits and other turning stuff like S&P shakers and key chains but forgot. When I have any funds left over I buy what I can since I supply them with everything.

Hope we can be friends.

My email is papaaeastman@gmail.com
I noticed the title under my avatar still says 'New Member' eveb though I joined in early 2018. I was curious about what I have to do to qualify for an upgraded title. 'Green Apprentice", perhaps. :) It's not a big thing but I was curious.

Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd Johnson
Hi Ken,

Changing the Membership to PRO Member is something I do manually. When a purchase is made, look for an account and then upgrade it. On yours, it appears that since your wife made the purchase and it had her name and email address on it, I made an account for her. I have now deleted it and have upgraded the account you made.
Arlin this was a solid Oak bowl that I turned and it warped very badly so I then cut it up into segments and produced this bowl so I dont really know the angle of the stays. Hope this is of some help to you