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Are you still online? I can't open the tutorial for segmented pro. It brings me to woodturner pro forums but there are no forums.
where are all of the video tutorials?
Look under video tutorials / software.
If you have questions regarding the software, please ask questions in the other forums.
Hi Mike,
Heading for Mesa early Wednesday morning will be there Friday afternoon.
We are planning on being there for about 6 months, hope to see you this trip down.
Hi Bob.
We will have to keep in touch. Right now the shop is open but no guests. Covid protocols are still in place. I have not been in the shop since the shop closed. Still keeping isolated.
Bob Beaupre
Bob Beaupre
About the same here. We arrived on Friday at about 5:00 PM. Have not seen anyone at our woodshop yet. No guests allowed here either
Hi segmented wood turners, This is my first segmented vase and I need some help on inside bowl turning. I read few of the comments on turning inside of the bowl. I used carbide type tool and fingernail gouge. The way it caches scares the hell out of me. No flying vase since I am not using jaw. I am grateful of any help, thanks-Habib
My first thought is how are you presenting the tool to the wood? It should be flat and at center or slightly above, never below center. My next question is how far over the tool rest is the tool hanging? Light cuts are your friend.