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New to woodturner. Of the 4 apps, what is the order that you would use to build a turning? I will start with the tutorials then in order.
Hi Ronald
Lamination Pro is an app for building designs for featured rings or bottoms. It is not necessary to build a turning.
That said. In using WTP you should use 3D design first to come up with a profile. Then import to WTP to build your vessel and cut list. WTP gives the most control of the rings compared to SP.
You will get more responses if you start a new thread in the proper forums.
Hello from the Antipodes, I'm an old but experienced fogie looking forward to trying a new way to design and make segmented vessels.
Hi, Mike, I'm down in Mesa, AZ for the month of Feb. Wondering where you get most of your wood? Where are you in AZ??
Hi Bob: I am on the other side of the valley in Sun City West. Most of my wood is purchased from three sources.
- The Woodclub in SCW (not open to non members)
- Woodworkers source. They have one in Tempe (645 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284. I use the one in Phoenix (18115 N. Black Canyon Hwy)
- Apple Blossom Woodworks
- last, from tree trimmers in SCW. Can get mesquite, olive, palo verde, acacia.)