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  • Hi Mike, any better down there? We are back home in Wisconsin and through our quarantine period. I hope all is well down there. We'll have to hook up in Feb. when we come back down. If we are all alive!!
    Hi, Mike, I'm down in Mesa, AZ for the month of Feb. Wondering where you get most of your wood? Where are you in AZ??
    Hi Bob: I am on the other side of the valley in Sun City West. Most of my wood is purchased from three sources.
    - The Woodclub in SCW (not open to non members)
    - Woodworkers source. They have one in Tempe (645 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284. I use the one in Phoenix (18115 N. Black Canyon Hwy)
    - Apple Blossom Woodworks
    - last, from tree trimmers in SCW. Can get mesquite, olive, palo verde, acacia.)
    I have now made me Lloyds saw jig, Bob's setup for open segments. I also have the big wheel Lloyd sell and have to figure out how to do.
    Hope I can be starting on the real job soon.
    I have got me some new gear and have been working on jigs lately. The piece of palte you use on the sander is that made to 22.5 degr or is it made for 11.25?
    It might be easy for you but I need to start from the beginning and have lots of questions. You might have seen my previous info here. I have got great help from Bob and Lloyd and looking for videos they all have made.
    <hello Mike?
    I want to ask you what kind of Zyliss equipment do you show in your video about Diamonds?
    I have been working on my setup(from Bob Beaumont) since the winter. Had to stop for some months as of illness. Now I am back and want to continue the setup and was looking at the segment videos and yours.
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