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  • Dear Lloyd, Thanks for sending me authorization to use your software again. I loaded it on my desktop here at the house, and all 3 work fine. I forgot and didn't keep the e-mail you sent me, and I don't know how to install it on my laptop down at my shop. Could you please help me set up my other computers.
    Thanks again for all your help and I hope to see you in Chicago this fall. Roy Essinger
    Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson

    Login to the Forum and click on your name. Click ‘Preferences’ and scroll down to see the two authorization codes you purchased at different times. Make a print screen of that page and keep it in hard copy. I’m the only employee of the company and if something happens to me, there won’t be anyone to lookup your code.

    Call me with questions. It is best to do this with a phone call.

    There is no sound on the video addressing the differences between Segment Pro and Woodturner Pro. My Headphones are working correctly as I have audio for YouTube. Anyone else having this issue?

    I was wondering if you every upgraded segmented pro to change properties of individual rows
    No. SP has not been upgraded to change properties of individual rows. SP is rules based design tool. If you want full property control of individual rings then Wood Turner Pro would be the design tool to use.
    I noticed the title under my avatar still says 'New Member' eveb though I joined in early 2018. I was curious about what I have to do to qualify for an upgraded title. 'Green Apprentice", perhaps. :) It's not a big thing but I was curious.

    Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Hi Ken,

    Changing the Membership to PRO Member is something I do manually. When a purchase is made, look for an account and then upgrade it. On yours, it appears that since your wife made the purchase and it had her name and email address on it, I made an account for her. I have now deleted it and have upgraded the account you made.
    lloyd, i had to get a new compute as my hard drive failed how can i get the software down loaded to my new machine? i will try and download it again?
    thanks for your help, ed
    How can I obtain my authorization code for Segment Pro? I cannot find the email I received in January, 2019 with it and now I need to reinstall it on a different computer. Please let me know what I need to do to obtain this. Thank you.
    Tom, Go to your profile page and under preferences you will find your Auth-1 code to activate your software.
    Thank you very much!
    Roy, formatting the data is limited from the software so exporting to a spreadsheet program is the only way to get powerful formatting.
    Dear Lloyd, In segment Pro in the summary I optimize the board width etc. and when I try to print it, it does not look like the summary. So I export the file and it wants to save the file in Excel. I do not have Excel on my computer. Is it really advantageous to have the files in Excel? So that you can recognize them better?
    Lloyd, Don Groesser here. I lost my computer and my log on key to use the Woodturner programs. Could you please send it to me. Dongroesser@cox.net. Thanks
    Hi Lloyd. Did my first open segment projects. I have been searching forums for a few answers. My first question was how to remove the glue between the segments. I used a pipe cleaner but was not to successful in removing glue. Second was the proper way to put a finish on an open segment vessel. If you can give me some direction to a forum, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
    I need to transfer my license from my current work laptop to my personal one. How can I get the activation code? I can't seem to find the email.
    Hello Lloyd, I'm making great strides getting started on segmenting! At the show Lyle mentioned sourcing wood in 3/8 thicknesses from either Ebay or another online site. Can you give me a couple options that are reliable for ongoing projects? Good pricing would be nice! Thanks
    If you are coming by or thru Iowa on your way to "Segmented Woodturners bi-annual symposium that will be held October 12-14 in St. Louis, MO." I sure would like to meet you and show me some things on the computer program.


    PS I do not remember how to send a PM here
    Hello Loyd, can you or anyone help me with the Tibbett Rising Sun design bowl, I like to try it but I need help with the design ?
    hello Lloyd can you tell me how do we get a top view from the program wood turner pro
    Thank you for your patience
    robert thank you very much
    Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Sorry, but there isn't and can't ever be a top view in Woodturner PRO.
    shame, sorry and thank you very much for your answer
    Hi Lloyd, I purchased the software bundle last year. My new computer doesn’t have a disc drive. Is the a link I can down load?

    Brian Bohannon
    Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Go to the home page and then click the Downloads link in the Main Menu. You can download all of the software from that page.
    bonjour suis Français, je suis nouveau sur votre forum,il m est difficile de comprendre le fonctionnement, aussi je vous prie de bien vouloir excuser les erreurs que je fais sur votre site et merci de me remettre dans le droit chemin si je fait des erreurs
    merci beaucoup
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