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barley twist vase

thanks Glenn , Stuart theres about 10 coats on the vase, i had problems with the top outer corner and not rubbing through the finish on that corner, i am going to reframe from sharpe corners in future. I have some epoxy finish to try out next time,i am quit excited about doing that, you just put on one coat and leave for 72hr flatten and polish.. so onto my next turning i guess just need some inspiration
Very nice turning. I have also been planning to make a feature ring with the same scroll saw method and I didn't know someone else had already done it. Nevertheless, I think It's probably the best method to make free form designs for a feature ring that have perfect glue lines and you certainly did a good job on that.
thanks Mike, yes this one did turn out nice, although if i was to do it again i would use more contrasting species of timber, when using the inlay method on the scroll saw theres a fine line between getting a good fit and getting it too tight that it splits you base layer, once you have the angle just right it can be very rewarding.

ive done another piece like this but more of a picture base turning its called fishing vase, it is one of my largest segmented pieces using the inlay method, don't know if you seen it yet, i posted it on the gallery.

i look forward to seeing your future inlay turnings, it might inspire me on as ive been a bit none productive of late
Thanks for the reply Martyn and also the tip on the too-tight fit possibility. I had a look at your fishing vase. Really spectacular work. I will have to show this to my oldest son who loves fishing. I'm sure he will like it as much as I do. Apart from the great overall design, I was also very impressed with the work you did at the waterlines. Pieces like this are bound to become family heirlooms.
Thanks Mike you too kind, i look forward to seeing your scroll saw inlay turnings in the gallery soon, think i am going to give some serious thought to starting a new one now, thanks for your nice comments
I'm getting started a bit slow because I had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and the doctor said I couldn't do anything for awhile. I hope to start a project that's already planned later this week. It might have some scroll saw inlay incorporated, but I'm not sure how it would look with that particular design, but there will be some coming in the near future. I am also thinking about including some marquetry work on my turnings somewhere along the line if I can design something that will not make it look like a pasted on decal.