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My steps to make a Bowl from a board


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I tried making a bowl from a board using my small band saw. While the bowl design turned out well when I finished it, my cuts on the band saw were not precise, and I had a lot of really thin spots that were a distraction.

I have a ring master that I have not used in a long time, so I tuned it up to make a bowl using it.

I cut strips of different woods and glued them together to make a 10 x 10 x 1 ½ inch board of different colors. Then squared it.

making a dizzy bowl 1.JPG making a dizzy bowl 2.JPG making a dizzy bowl 3.JPG making a dizzy bowl 4.JPG making a dizzy bowl 5.JPG making a dizzy bowl 1.JPG making a dizzy bowl 2.JPG making a dizzy bowl 3.JPG making a dizzy bowl 4.JPG making a dizzy bowl 5.JPG


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Next I cut the board onto 1/8 inch slices on my band saw. I made the slices a smidge larger than 1/8th so I could sand the cut side flat. I also flattened the cut side of the board to insure everything remaining square.

making a dizzy bowl 6.JPG making a dizzy bowl 7.JPG


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Next I glued the 4 sheets of wood together to form another board.

Note: I cut the slices so I could start the twist pattern of the bowl before I cut the rings. This makes each ring I cut on the ring master look like 4 rings, and make the pattern blend better.

I then cut the circles with the ring master.

making a dizzy bowl 8.JPG making a dizzy bowl 9.JPG making a dizzy bowl 10.JPG making a dizzy bowl 11.JPG


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I cut and sanded the inside of the bowl as I stacked the rings on the lathe. This make it easier to get the inside done. It was a fun project.

making a dizzy bowl 12.JPG making a dizzy bowl 13.JPG making a dizzy bowl 14.JPG making a dizzy bowl 16.JPG making a dizzy bowl 17.JPG making a dizzy bowl 18.JPG

Glenn McCarron

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Nice project Jon. It's always interesting to see how different folks come up with different methods but end up with the same results. I recently completed my "Vase from a Board" which was my first attempt at this technique, won't be my last.

I had a look around your website as well, you do a wide variety of work. Nice stuff.

stuart johnson

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Jon, thanks for posting the steps you took. I enjoy seeing the different ways taken to construct a beautiful bowl like thisl


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Thanks. What I like about wood turning is I see something that looks neat and then I try to figure out how I can make it. I have not updated my web pages in years as I have forgotten how to do it. I think it is time to relearn to update.


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I have a foolish question, can I use segmented pro, or Woodturner Pro to get measurements for economy bowls, or bowls from boards? Thank you in advance.