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Discussion in 'Bowl From A Board Forum' started by John Payton, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Mark Lisowski

    Mark Lisowski New Member


    Any word on your new Bowl-from-a-Board software and jig plan?
  2. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Hi Mark,

    Have you considered focusing on some of the other amazing things you can do with Lloyds currently available software?

    May I suggest you check out the integration of SketchUp into Segmented Woodturning, it is a wonderfully challenging facet of this discipline we enjoy and incredibly useful.

    A quick search on youtube for "bowl from a board" offers up plenty of inspiring opportunities.

  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    When I made the post about the jig and software for Bowl in a Board, I thought I had retired. Unfortunately, past clients had other ideas for me.

    I am now turning down (almost) all new opportunities and so I am now focused on Woodturner PRO. I'm starting with new video tutorials and I have several in the works right now. A new website is also has moved higher on the priority list.

    With regards to BiaB, I do have the software 90% designed and it is what will make the jig so easy to use. The jig itself will not be easy to make without a CNC so releasing the plans only doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

    So the bottom line is that failing to retire when I thought I would put me six months behind, but I'm back on track again. One lesson I've learned again, though, is to not talk about software and products until they are ready to go.

  4. Gary Beasley

    Gary Beasley PRO Member

    I would be interested in a software function to plot the circles and profiles then output a cutting plan so I can get the right amount of wood for it. Some of the projects I need to do involve cutting more than one board to get the profiles I want. Im working on one right now that cuts from four different boards to create half a sphere. Took a bit of head scratching to get there.
  5. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    While I have not done a typical bowl from one board like you can produce on a ringmaster. I have made a dizzy bowl from multiple blanks. Title: SW Dizzy Bowl

    Design your vessel in 3Ddesign, Build the vessel in WTP. WTP gives you the outside and inside diameter of each ring. (or you could use SP). Export the summary list as a text delimited file. Import into excel. There you can sort by diameter. You can figure out how many rings you can get per blank.

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