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Open Segment Project "Interwoven"

I'm guessing a vacuum chuck just won't work:) Beautiful piece and as usual thanks for build along.

Too funny Stuart. I say this project simply won't hold water! Glad you enjoyed the build. Back to the design studio to start thinking about the next project. I'm thinking of going closed segment but adding the medallion to the centre as well. May be a bit though while I get my spring chores done.
While I am waiting for paint to dry I thought I would get a few final pictures of my "Interwoven" Bowl.

DSC_5418.JPG DSC_5419.JPG DSC_5423.JPG

If you have enjoyed this follow along project I would appreciate if you "LIKE" the post.

I also have enjoyed the comments and suggestions that fellow members have made throughout a number of projects. I read all posts and take the critique and suggestions I receive very seriously. As most of you know shop time is usually by yourself working away for self gratification. By posting here I am getting that second, third, forth, etc opinions. It's like having other turners helping along the way. Each and every project I learn something new from what someone has put forward. In segmented woodturning we have seen on this forum many times how different people solve similar issues but all end up with the same results from a different method. That's what makes all the pictures and input very valuable. So thank you everyone for your help.

Some folks have referred to me as being an "Experienced Woodturner". I can assure you that this the furthest thing from the truth. I am willing to push myself, try new things and above all learn in the process. Patience, planning and taking your time will be the best virtues.

Thank you as well to Lloyd and the other members who have helped de-bug and develop this great software that allows our imaginations to unfold. I'm sure Lloyd has many more improvements planned that will only push us a bit further.
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Looks great when just a photo but seeing in actual use on the table and cabinet shows it at it's best. Well done.
Great project Glenn, really enjoyed following your progress. I wish I could get some of the great coloured woods you have available to you. Excellent work.
Great project Glenn, really enjoyed following your progress. I wish I could get some of the great coloured woods you have available to you. Excellent work.

Thank you Bob, glad you enjoyed the follow along. I'm hoping more members will start doing the same with their projects. Just a matter of taking a few extra pictures or showing that unique thing you do. We all learn in the process.

I am very fortunate to have 2 really good wood suppliers in my area. One is only about 15 minutes away and the other about 25. The exotics can be a bit expensive though. It's surprising how much wood you need for a bowl. Even more surprising is how much expensive sawdust you make to cut large boards into small segments.