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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


SegEasy Plates for the Stomper

The fastest, funkiest way to assemble open segments and closed ring vessels.

Key Points

SegEasy Segments and Gaps

Each SegEasy plate has a set number of segment channels separated by a ridge that creates the gap between those segments. Using trigonometry, the number of segments plus the gap factor arrives at a single angle which you must use to cut segments that fit the channels on that particular disk. Since the geometry is likely different on each plate, this cutting angle will be different for each plate.

Etchings on the plates

The geometry of each plate is etched onto each plate. This shows the number of segments, the number of degrees for each gap and the cutting angle to be used to cut segments. In addition, a channel number is etched onto each channel.

Configure Woodturner PRO

For each plate, you must configure Woodturner PRO so that all calculations will be correct. First, set the Row Type to Open Segment. Second, set the number of segments to match the plate. Finally, change the number of degrees for the gap to match that of the plate.


I have used the CD stomper since you released it. What a great idea to make my segmenting headaches go away. I'm looking forward to my next project. Thanks for sharing your terrific idea with us out here.


I've always used a lathe-mounted jig to apply segments to open segment vessels - one segment at a time. With the Stomper, I apply an entire row all at once with all the accuracy I've always achieved. It is a tremendous time saver.

Arthur B.

Finally a good use for free weights :->

Tom D.

SegEasy Product Details

Looking for a fast, accurate and affordable way to easily assemble open-segmented vessels? Help has arrived! The Woodturners Studio™ SegEasy™ Plate takes hours off assembly time by enabling the user to accurately assemble an entire layer for glue-up all at once! SegEasy plates will benefit not only beginners to open-segmented turning, but experienced turners as well.

Available Sizes

  • Medium Size - 9.25"
    Segments Gap Price
    12 8 $49.99
    16 6 $49.99
    18 4 $49.99
    24 4 $49.99

  • Medium Size - 11.75"
    Segments Gap Price
    18 4 $69.99
    24 4 $69.99

  • Medium Size - 5.75"
    Segments Gap Price
    8 11 $39.99


More information on the centering solutions...

The plunger gets you started, but you'll need centering solutions to make the magic of the Stomper System come alive.

  • Longworth Centering Attachment for Stomper System

    Longworth Attachment for
    closed-segment rings

    The Longworth Attachment is a Woodturner PRO designed and manufactured product. It will handle rings of approximately 12" in diameter or less.

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  • SegEasy Plates for Stomper System

    SegEasy Plates for open-segment rings

    A customized version SegEasy Plates are especially for the Stomper by Jerry Bennett. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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