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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


The Stomper - by Woodturner PRO

The fastest, funkiest way to assemble open segments and closed ring vessels.

Key Points

No glue slippage

The Stomper prevents rings from sliding once glue and weight have been applied. This is the single most frustrating part of assembling segmented vessels.

Free up your lathe

If you've used your lathe for centering rings or adding individual segments to open segment turnings, you know that gravity is not your friend with this process. The Stomper frees your lathe from the assembly process and keeps glue from getting on the bed of the lathe.

Make your own or buy one assembled

The video on this page shows how you can make your own Stomper. Alternatively, you can buy one fully assembled by itself or as part of a kit from our Online Store.


I have used the CD stomper since you released it. What a great idea to make my segmenting headaches go away. I'm looking forward to my next project. Thanks for sharing your terrific idea with us out here.


I've always used a lathe-mounted jig to apply segments to open segment vessels - one segment at a time. With the Stomper, I apply an entire row all at once with all the accuracy I've always achieved. It is a tremendous time saver.

Arthur B.

Finally a good use for free weights :->

Tom D.

Watch this video which introduced the Stomper

How did the Stomper get its name?

One evening a years ago, I was applying an adhesive label to a CD using a popular product called the Stomper that utilized a simple plunger system. As I marvelled at another perfect positioning of a label, I remember lamenting, "If only I could be as accurate and fast when gluing segmented rings". The next day, I was using my home-made lathe-mounted Longworth Chuck to center a segmented ring and after gluing saw that it had been positioned perfectly. Unfortunately, it had tied up my lathe and got glue on the lathe bed. It was then that I got my V-8 moment - I just needed a table-mounted plunger but had no idea where to find it.

When in doubt, go to Home Depot.

What could have a rigid housing, a powerful spring and plunger action? I found my answer in the underground sprinkler department. I grabbed a 12" popup sprinkler and saw that it had everything I needed but it worked backwards from my needs. So I diassembled it completely and reassembled it with the spring in a different configuration. Voila!

About then, I noticed the Home Depot sprinkler manager looking over my shoulder and he said, "Do you mind telling me what you're doing?" "Buying a woodturning jig, obviously." I replied. He slowly walked away, shaking his head.

More information on the centering solutions...

The plunger gets you started, but you'll need centering solutions to make the magic of the Stomper System come alive.

  • Longworth Centering Attachment for Stomper System

    Longworth Attachment for
    closed-segment rings

    The Longworth Attachment is a Woodturner PRO designed and manufactured product. It will handle rings of approximately 12" in diameter or less.

    Keep reading...

  • SegEasy Plates for Stomper System

    SegEasy Plates for open-segment rings

    A customized version SegEasy Plates are especially for the Stomper by Jerry Bennett. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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