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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


Tom Lohman Designs

Amazing Painted Segment Designs for Segment PRO

CLICK HERE to purchase Volume 1 - Tom Lohman Designs.

“You've produced some amazing plans for Segment Pro. I can't wait to try some out!”

Tom D.

“The plans created by Tom are detailed and elegant. At twice the price they would be a bargain!”

Steve P.

"30 amazing designs from the premier turner of painted segment vessels in the world and a great value to boot. How wrong can you go with that?"

Bob B.


30 Amazing Designs, all for the low price of $15.

In a painted segment vessel, different colored wood species are used to create a design. These designs can be simple or complex or, in Tom's case, really complex.

We asked Tom to create a volume of his designs for Segment PRO that could be made available to the Woodturner PRO Community and he readily agreed.

His first collection of 30 designs is named Volume 1 - Tom Lohman's Designs and it is available for purchase from his website. After your purchase, you will receive a zip file and you simply select 'Share > Import' which will load all of his designs into the database of Saved Plans. In addition to the amazing designs, Tom has created a wall profile for each design to enhance and highlight the most important parts of the design.

Once you have opened a design, you can change profiles to one of the 150 sample profiles or create your own and the new profile will be painted with this design.

Volume 1 contains fifteen 48-segment designs, ten 60-segment designs and five 72-segment designs.

The following video will show you each of the designs in this collection:

Here are examples that are included in the Tom Lohman Designs collection:

48 Segment - "Flyaway"

48 Segment - "Wave"

60 Segment - "Criss Cross"

60 Segment "Diamonds"

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