suggestions on what to do with this one


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Hi again.

Got this lump of wood from a friend of mine.
Its pine and comes from the wall of his house.
Around 300 years old :)
And measures 500*240*130mm

As you can see there are cracks in ti, but my plan is to cut those out and replace with some other wood.

There are some nails too :/20151227_163153[1].jpg20151227_163211[1].jpg

stuart johnson

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Do the photos show the two sides of the blank? If so I don't see how you can cut out the cracks. I think what I would attempt is to fill the cracks with dyed epoxy. This might take two or three pours to get everything filled. I would then cut it in giving you two blanks approximately 240 x 240 x 130 mm. Rather than try to cut this into strips and segments I would then turn to solid (chunk) bowls or Southwestern style hollow forms. The nails might cause all sort of problems if they can't be removed.

Lloyd Johnson

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One option for the large bowl is to make two bowls from it using the Bowl from a Board process. You would cut the center part containing the splits leaving you two long halves. If you were to cut those two long halves in two and start with the two pieces from the left side and the two pieces from the right side and each would make a very nice historic bowl. There is an awful lot of information available on this process and YouTube would be a great place to start.

If you choose this direction, make sure you practice a lot with cheap wood. They don't make a lot of 300-year-old blanks anymore. :->


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My plan was to split into 2 parts first and then cut away the cracks by splitting the pieces into 4.
Add something to replace the cracked wood and glue them back together again.

I tried epoxy on a piece of oak some time ago, but it just cracked again :/
Got any brand of epoxy in mind? Some brand as i can get hold of here in Sweden would be great.

Here is the other side of the lump, the dark areas is probably oil or something, but shouldnt be a major problem.20151227_191309[1].jpg

My friend has more of thses lumps for me to try to do something out.
He tried to burn smaller parts of the wood, but it wouldnt burn.
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As you are most likely aware, be careful since you stated the wood contains nails no matter how you cut the block up.