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Open Segment Project - Acoma-2

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Well we got the inside turned and did not break anything.
Rows 25 and 26
Here a couple of shots of the inside.
The turn is made in the width of two segments and they are 0.015" thick each
Some sanding to do to finish but pretty happy so far
20181128_112558.jpg 20181128_112600_042.jpg 20181128_112611.jpg

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
We are up to 29 now, little slower, to have enough reach inside I have to turn each row as I put them on so I have to wait for the row to dry enough to turn it.
29.jpg 29-1.jpg

Glenn McCarron

PRO Member
I think I would have had to build this in two sections and put them together. Turning the inside would be a huge issue for me. You're doing an amazing job.