Beginner's Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament


Lyle Johnson
Hi John. Lloyd also sells the Hunter Osprey #2 on this (Woodturner Pro) website. Just click Home and Hardware. It is the bottom item. I know he has them in stock. It is a great tool.
Good luck!

Randy Bass

New Member
So it’s Christmas time and saw this and had to try it. Found that sanding the out side was much easier. It’s pretty good size so I made a stand for it. Couldn’t use dowl as you can’t bend it so I made my own out of oak and a steam box. Then I just painted it, the base is walnut, maple and Purple Heart.


Gary Beasley

PRO Member
Clicking the link to the next video at the end of a video was causing Safari on my Ipad to lock up. Does just fine when you close the video and then open the next. Dont know if thats a loose end on Safaris part or Vimeos part.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
That's puzzling because I've never seen that happen before. I haven't tried it with Safari yet, but my guess is that I will be able to duplicate it using Safari. Having said that, there probably isn't a fix. I make the video and upload it to Vimeo where they convert it into a streaming format. The browser plays it and cleans up after it when it is done. It sounds like this is where the problem is.

I'm glad you found a workaround and you'll probably have to continue using it.