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Open segment bowl started - Petal

Thanks all, it looks even better once I put some lemon oil polish on it
Really nice! I just finished my open segmented turning, pretty plain looking but i wanted to get the process down before an attempt to do something as beautiful as your turning, I used Titebond "Quick and Thick". It worked great and dries clear. However I will be using pipe cleaners and dental picks for more ambitious turnings. I lost a couple segments using a board for sanding rings flat. I bet rounding over the edges lightly will help with that. I also used the Hunter#2 Osprey tool to shear scrape. High speed and a light touch worked well. Do you always finish with lemon oil finish? Where can I buy that and do you have any tips on application? Thanks and congratulations on a stunning work of art!
As far as sanding goes I basically use a wooden stick ( 1.5 - 2 inches wide) that will span the width of the bowel. The sides of the stick are rounded as to not catch the segments. As of late, I am experimenting with walnut oil, I like the flat satin finish, it's easy to get between segments and penetrates the wood.