Cutting Segments

Gary Beasley

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Do you have a zero clearance wedge ramp on the saw?7B48ECB2-E2DB-4D24-9C13-8828AE485146.jpeg
Its built the same height as the sled and attached to the zero clearance plate. It catches the cut piece and rolls it away from the blade.

Glenn McCarron

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I don't see the positioning of your length stop. How much room between the positioning and the front of the blade do you have enough clearance?
One tip I got from Ray Feltz, when cutting very small segments, and this is a little counter-intuitive, raise your blade as high as it will go. In the position, you have it in your picture the teeth of the blade are moving forward more than downward. By raising the blade the teeth are moving downward more.
Another thread had this solution. Works well.


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I added the outfeed ramp to my zero clearance plate and that helped a lot. Next I will try putting the blade up higher.
Even with a outfeed ramp and the blade up all the way you will still experience some segments that get thrown. Make sure you have a good clean, sharp blade. It also helps to have a 80 tooth or greater blade. Play attention to your feed rate. Going to fast or slow can cause more segments to be caught and tossed.

Cutting small SL segments is challenging but worth it when the project is finished.

Glenn McCarron

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Do a search above called "Segment kick back" it has some tips on this issue. bob Beaupre mentions about raising the saw blade as high as it will go so as the force is down instead of being horizontal. It does help. Sorry I can't figure out how to put it as a link.
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Somewhere I saw a video of someone using a section of down spout with a screen in it to trap pieces. He connected a shop-vac to the other end and clamped down near the back of the blade. I have to get a piece of down spout and give it a try.