Jig for Bowl from a Board

I know you have been working hard to get the segmented stomper and Longworth Chuck out to us. I bought both and they are great! Any news on when your jig for a Bowl from a Board might be ready? Sorry to be so pushy but I went to the Segmented Turners Symposium in the hopes of catching your presentation on it and much to my dismay it was cancelled. It was a great symposium anyway. In fact I caught you and Billl Kandlers discussion of software and was convinced to buy Woodturner Pro. Ok now that I have buttered you up, how about that new jig? LOL--- Thanks!

Lloyd Johnson

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My day job is keeping me busier than I'd like. I suppose that's the good news, but it hasn't left much time to work on this jig or the software that will go with it. Retirement isn't too far away, though, and then I'll have time to go after it in a big way.
Thanks Lloyd, I understand completley. Not only do I still work full time, but my wife thinks the lawn should be mowed and cars washed on the weekend. Burns up precious shop time but what are we to do? I look forward to getting the software and jig when it becomes available.


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Any news on your progress on the software and jig for a bowl from a board?