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Stomper Station

Thanks for sharing how you apply the glue to open segment rings. That is the best idea that I have seen and the one I will be using in the future.
Don't know what happened with mu transmission, but I lost most of it including the pictures. I apologize for the abrupt shut-off
First of all, the lion is beautiful. It must have taken quite a bit of time to compose the Intarsia (new word for me). Don't think that I have that kind of creativity. Keep it going.

Using the syringe was an accident and the timing could have been better. Was having dental work about the time that using the pipe cleaning strings was the recommended cure. Thought that cleaning method was messy and did not always do the job. Wasn't sure that Elmer's glue would flow thru the tiny opening, but found it did, nicely and controllable. This pic shows the brand name and is used by many dentists. IMG_1815.jpg It's a throw-away item for them. This view shows the amount of glue that I use on every seg. IMG_1817.jpg In this case I only wanted one open seg. in the middle of feature ring. I centered the open slot with just a little rubbing and put the whole unit into my home made press. So far I have had no problem with this approach to gluing. It works just as well with multable open rings together. In fact, it's easier. Here's the bowl on the lathe. IMG_1836.jpg Oh, I almost forgot, I keep a hand towel in the center of the plate to slide the tip of syringe across to clean it before starting the next seg.

Chuck, I hope the procedure works for you and I want to thank you again for your help. Still have some problems moving a pic from a folder within another folder but i'll tell you about that another time
Hope your enjoying the Holiday.
Art, nice job on inserting the photos. Thanks for the kind words about my Intarsia. I appreciate the new way of applying glue to an open segment. Your bowl is certainly unique with the combination of closed and open segments. I will have to give that a try. I will be off line for the next month as we are traveling to South Africa next week. Hopefully, I will get some good photos of Black Rhino to use for my next Intarsia project. I will catch up after our return. Thanks,Chuck
I was sending you an email and it disappeared. Don't know if it was sent or cancelled???

In any case if you are sending photos back to your friends, would you mind adding my email address to your list?
It is: flyboy6666@verison.net

My days of travel are over and I wouldn't care to visit the areas that at one time were great to visit.

Have a great adventure. Hope this gets to you.
Art, The syringe idea looks great. I looked them up on Google and Amazon has the exact item priced at 5 for $6.55 ......and their usual free shipping on orders over $25.... Though some in the group would be interested. I'm gonna order some.
Hi David,
Hope you haven't made the order. Send me your address in TX and I'll put a couple in an envelope and send them to you. Hate to see anyone pay that kind of money for something that Dentists throw away. I Asked Lloyd if I should make a new thread with the pics for anyone else that may try the technique. If you like how it works, maybe we could put something together for everyone who wants to get the syringe.
By the way, I've used the same one many times. Just have to wash the glue out before it hardens in the tube.
I may not have seen your question about creating a new thread for they syringe, but I think it would be an excellent idea to do so as others (including me) would love to know how to gain access to these devices.
Art, Thanks so much for your kind offer, but I have already ordered some........some for me and some for friends. I'll check w/my dentist before I order any more though.
Art, I went back to Amazon and they listed some other buying choices that were about the same price, but included free shipping w/o needing to satisfy the $25 min requirement.