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Thumbnail profiles in Segment Pro

Russell Barnes

PRO Member
When I view the profiles in Thumbnail they all show blank ie no pattern. But when I click on "Open Profile" on any shape I get the profile with my latest pattern displayed. Why?
It didn't use to happen, they used to open up with no pattern. What have I done wrong?


Super Moderator
Staff member
I don't think you are doing anything wrong. It is just a thing with the program and what it stores in temp memory.

What happens if you close SP and restart it. then go to profiles and open it. ?
When I do the profile no longer has and designs.

If I am in SP pull up a profile, paint a design and then go back to the profile it will show the design.
If I am in SP pull up a profile, paint a design, go back to profile and pick another profile it will paint to the best it can the design in the new profile
It because of the design being stored in memory.

The key is pull up a profile. Do your design and save the plan.
Clearing may not clear out the pattern
Closing and restarting SP does clear out the pattern.

Lloyd can explain what is going on with the program.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
It’s a feature! :->

First, there are three parts to a Plan - a Profile, Bowl Details (segments, thickness, etc.) and Adornments. An adornment is anything you do to adorn a vessel including painting segments or changing defaults in the Storyboard for Feature Ring and Tornado Bowls. When you save a Plan, it saves the Profile, Bowl Details and the Adornments.

At anytime, you can simply open a new Profile and the software will show you what your adornments look like with that new Profile. Instead of opening a new Profile, you can create your own by clicking the Clear button in the Profile which removes the Profile but does NOT delete the Adornments or the Bowl Details.. You can now draw your own Profile and your adornments will be displayed on your new Profile.

The button next to the Clear button is the Clear All button and that eliminates the Profile and the Adornments and resets the Bowl Details to their initial defaults and it is the same as shutting down Segment PRO and starting it again.

Nice feature, huh? Sometimes I have really good ideas. Sometimes they’re not so good. :-0