Just a rookie right now


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Hi, my name is Graham and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I have been a woodworker for about 15 years since I retired from my chemengineering career. I am new to wood turning and to segmented turning. I watched some Utube videos on segmented turning and thought "I must try that". I even just bought a new better lathe to make the whole thing more enjoyable. I hope to meet many of you virtually and need to learn a lot before I can even dream about making some of the amazing turnings seen here.


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Welcome to WTP and Segmenting.
You can download the software and give it a try for 30 days free.
I would start out simple with the building.
Take a look at the Seg-Easy sled. A number of users like the sled and its easy to make.


Lloyd Johnson

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Welcome to the Community, Graham! I’m just down the road from you in Portland, Oregon. Once the world returns to normal (assuming it was ever normal at all), I need to make a trip to Vancouver and, hopefully, we can get together for a cup of coffee.

Segmenting can be pretty addicting and the people here are always ready and able to answer questions or make suggestions so please don’t be shy about posting.