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Which program are you needing help.

You will get more responses if you post in the WTP or SP forums.

Look under documents for folders
My Segment Pro
My Woodturner Pro
You can copy the files from their to a thumb drive.

In WTP you can also do a file/save as and use the pop up directory window to select where the file should go.

Take a look at the vid Lloyd made for SP

SP saving plans

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I haven’t made this widely known because it will certainly generate a lot of support calls and since I’m the only employee, the last thing I need to do is generate a lot of support calls. :-<

You can, however, send a single folder to a compressed file and copy that file to a thumb drive. If you then unzip it to the same location after a new installation of Segment PRO, all profiles, plans, species, etc., will be available in the new version.

To get to this location, you have to use Windows File Explorer with ‘Show Hidden Files’ activated. The target folder is ‘Segment PRO‘ and it can be found in:
c:\users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Woodturner PRO\
Send Segment PRO to a compressed file (it will be a big file) and copy it to a backup location. Reverse this process to restore the files.

I haven’t decided how to automate this process. None of this is necessary because if you open a Plan (or Profile) and click on Share > Export, it creates a file in ‘My Segment PRO‘ and you can do a Share > Import to add it to a new installation or copy it to a backup location. You have to do this one at a time at this time.

It would be possible for me to automate this, obviously, but it also possible for me to do a lot of other things that would be ‘nice to have’ features and I just don’t have the time (or desire) to spend my retirement programming instead of making sawdust.

The ability to save your files from 3D Design Pro, Woodturner PRO, and Lamination PRO have been there for 20 years because they are simply disk files that you can zip and restore based on how you have chosen to store these files. The number of people that have actually done this approaches 0%, though, and since it has never been raised as an issue, I question whether it is an issue at all.

I’m more likely to do this with Segment PRO because it should be pretty simple to do. Doing it in an automated process puts me at the mercy of the user’s installation which could have security, virus protection or a host of other things that could prevent it from executing correctly and that puts me in a difficult situation of supporting things that have nothing to do with the software.

I hope this all makes sense. I’d appreciate getting some feedback on this.