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Daniel Shuflin

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I am following along with the tutorial on Painted Segment Bowls. I have designed a bowl that uses 3 different kinds of wood. The summary tab only shows 2 types of wood. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Daniel:
- Since you mentioned the Painted Segment Bowl tutorial I take it you are using Segment Pro (SP).
- Have you tried saving your plan, close out of SP, then start SP again and bring up your plan?
- If that does not fix it, it would be helpful for you to attach the json file so others can take a look at your plan in SP.
(bring up your plan is SP. The top menu got to Share/export. It will create a json file in your My Segment Pro folder. , attach the file to a post


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Saving and reopening did not work. Here is the file.
Thanks for the file. I am taking a look at it. I do see that not all the species are in the summary.
Question: By any chance did you change the number of segments per ring from the 24 to something else than back to 24? or change the vessel height up and down.
The worst case is you may have to start from scratch and repaint Stay tuned.
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Hi Daniel.
I am not sure what happened in SP to keep from showing all the species. Here is what I did:
- imported your json file.
- went into paint and cleared all segments.
- repainted your pattern
- Took a look at the summary and it was correct. (3 species)
- saved plan and exported and attached. Take a look



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Thank you sir. I appreciate it. You don't have any idea what caused it.
No. What was interesting is the file you sent imported successfully. When I looked at the summary it did not show al the species. I went into paint and painted some segments. Went into summary and no change. I deleted a few painted segments and reselected the wood species. No change to the summary. That is when I decided to clear all the segments, save the file, reload the file and paint. it worked.

I have seen issues when changing number of segments or size of the vessel mess up the database.

Send Lloyd an email and reference this thread for json file. He wrote the program and may be able to figure out the exact cause.

Have a good one. Was glad to do it for you.

Lloyd Johnson

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Dan, I know exactly what caused it and how to fix it. When you paint segments, Segment PRO keeps a list of all the segments that have been painted. This all works great unless you change the number of segments. If you do that, the list of painted segments no longer matches the current design and the segment count on the Summary View and the Ring Views are no longer accurate.

if you ever change the number of segments, you need to reset the segments and then repaint the vessel at which time the Summary and Ring views will be correct again.

I have already implemented a change in the software so that whenever you change the number of segments, the painted segments will automatically return to an unpainted bowl.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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