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John Lowder

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Is there a method to resize the overall height of a vessel I have imported and working with in Woodturner Pro? I want to keep the same overall shape, just produce a taller vase.


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- In WTP open up your vessel plan .
- select cutaway view
- Go to File/export to 3D Design Pro.
a file save box will pop up. Select the file save location and give the 3ddesign file name.
- Start 3D design and open the saved file.
- make any corrections to the profile (the import from WTP is not perfect)
- when done select the Transfer to WTP icon . Your WTP icon in the bottom windows tray should be flashing
- You will have a pop up box with the option to select height or width of the vessel. Select height and enter the height you want
- From their you can make your rings taller, add rings, whatever.
- Use snap to profile to pull the rings to shape.

Keep both programs running. In 3D design

it will go quicker than you think.

Or you could just redo the vessel in 3DDesign Pro and start over in WTP.

Lloyd Johnson

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In addition to what Mike has said, I think starting in 3D Design PRO is always the best idea. It only takes seconds to make a wall profile and you then have full control over all of the dots that make up the profile. Transfer it to Woodturner PRO and make note of the height or width you specify. Add your rings and click Profile SNAP.

If you think a modification of the profile is desired, go back to 3D Design Pro and make changes and transfer it to Woodturner PRO again with either the same height/width or change it as you desire. You can move profile dots in Woodturner PRO but if you do, the wall profile will be different than what has been created in 3D Design Pro and I prefer to keep the profile the same in 3D Design Pro as what is being used in Woodturner PRO.

For every vessel I make, I make a folder for that vessel and save any 3D Design Pro, Woodturner PRO, Lamination PRO files in that folder. I also save screen shots, photos and anything else I might use to design the vessel. The folders are stored in a directory structure that makes it easy for me to locate anytime in the future.

As to changing the height of multiple rows, watch this tutorial:
It’s been around for quite a while, but it hasn’t changed since I made the tutorial.