Feature rings


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I am struggling to get my head around how to make a feature ring
I tried to follow the instructions for the eagle but didn't look right.
I really want to do this stuff but am finding it frustrating.
Are there any videos out there that I can follow until I get used to the idea?
Ideas are most welcome.


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Hi Dingo.
The eagle would be a challenge for your first featured ring. That said, a featured ring can be anything you want it to be. It could be as simple as a ring made out of a contrasting piece of wood with an interesting grain patter. (Maple bowl, an olive featured ring).

I would start out making a zig zag (chevron featured ring). Use lamination pro with 2 woods (maple and walnut for the center of the laminate).


Gary Beasley

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I found that you need to be absolutely sure your stock is square and parallel and your blade set exactly at 90 degrees before starting a pattern or the whole thing will go south as you create more generations of cuts. Careful measuring and accuracy is key.

Glenn McCarron

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If you haven't looked at this thread have a read. I did do the Eagle bowl and on the first try I was not at all satisfied. The second attempt went much better but as Gary said attention to details is extremely important. As Mike said it is maybe not the best choice for the first feature ring.