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So if I start on segmented woodturning would the very first thing I want to do is build a sled and send for a wedge pattern? I have a small amount of wood lathe equipment and a lot of time to learn, turning spindles and bowls seems like it might not be something I would do all the time,I am going to get into a club when I can get out. Staying home nowadays.


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Welcome to the forum. The software Lloyd has put together is top notch. If you want full control of your design the WooodTurner Pro is a good fit. Segment Pro takes care of the basic design and has a great "paint" feature. I personally use all of his sofware. I have designed vessels in SP and then rebuilt them in WTP for changes I wanted to make. If you haven't download the software and enjoy a 30 day free trial.

I can understand not wanting to turn spindles all the time. Bowls either segmented or solid turning is addictive. I do prefer segmented.

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You can built the Seg-Easy sled extremely cheaply with a few pieces of MDF. Then if you have one a 30/60/90 triangle will set your sled for 12 segments and a 45 degree triangle will set it for an 8 sided ring. These are very cheap to obtain so you can try it out without buying too much. A 12 segment ring can be used for lots of designs. Take your time and have fun doing it. I love the planning aspect as well as the execution of a new piece.