Cutting Segments from Laminate Pro

Dewitt Harrison

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I am just starting with trying to create a feature ring in a bowl. I have designed one using laminate pro. The process of creating the laminate and a Gen 2 board I understand. But what I am confusing myself on is how to cut this into segments and keep the pattern. Making sure everything lines up on the inside and outside.



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He Dewitt:
I downloaded your First.lam file and looked at it in LP. Just remember when using LP the repeating unit is your segment edge length. You export the image from LP and bring it into WTP as a species. In this example the ring is 12 segments. You would cut your laminate board into the number of segments you need for your ring. The cut would be made along the red vertical line. The segment blocks would then need to have the angle cut made.

test 2.jpg

One way to cut your segment angle is explained in the segmented ring jig 08.pdf file.