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lamination pro

  1. E

    Requesting clarification on a setting in LaminationPro

    It has been almost a year since I last did any segmented turning and using this software. The last two attempts of making a feature ring segmented bowl were a bit disappointing. The accuracy of my cuts and or general assembly resulted in a repeating pattern that was not correct. The effect was...
  2. D

    Cutting Segments from Laminate Pro

    I am just starting with trying to create a feature ring in a bowl. I have designed one using laminate pro. The process of creating the laminate and a Gen 2 board I understand. But what I am confusing myself on is how to cut this into segments and keep the pattern. Making sure everything...
  3. E

    First feature ring bowl. Looks nice at first but has many pattern flaws

    I have finally made a bowl with a southwest design feature ring but I am disappointed in the results. At first glance it looks decent but if you actually look at the feature ring the flaws are glaring. The few people I showed it too at first glance thought it was great. My son took one look...
  4. E

    Still having issues with cutting consistent thin strips on table saw

    I have tried a couple of times to make this laminate pattern from thin (like 1/8 inch) strips of ripped wood but I am still having obvious tapering issues from end to end. The total length of the strips are about 3 feet in this case. As you know you first you cut a series of strips of various...
  5. E

    How accurate or precise must my table saw be for feature rings

    I tried to make a feature ring (eventually for WoodturnerPro) using a design from LaminationPro. But as I cut the strips on my portable contractors table saw and then glued them together it became quite obvious something was amiss. It you look at the pictures in the link below it will be...
  6. E

    struggling to get correct results in LaminationPro and WoodturnerPro

    I am struggling with getting precision results using LaminationPro and WoodturnerPro. I have made a couple of practice runs but still cannot get the results to match what I build. I am trying to use LaminationPro to produce a 'feature ring' to be used in WoodturnerPro. But some of my problems...
  7. E

    LaminationPro not saving all settings to file

    I have noticed that when you configure settings in the Southwest view such as Strip Width, Center Strip, Strips, and Export region size that these settings are not saved to the .lam file. Thus upon exit and reload of this saved file these 4 settings are not reloaded. This should be an easy...
  8. William Prickett

    Lamination Pro question

    So... I not am a huge computer guy. But I have all three software's. In Lamination Pro why (or maybe it does and I'm just dense) doesn't it give you the total lengths of boards and why can I not add lengths. So if I want to make a chevron feature ring on a 12 sided bowl and there are 2 different...
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    SketchUp and the Eagle Bowl feature ring

    This is a reply to the thread where Glenn McCarron is demonstrating his project to make the Eagle Bowl. This reply is in response to how SketchUp can be used to visualize the inside of a feature ring after turning and also to know how big the wall profile will be at the feature ring. Please let...