Segment Pro Outer Diameter Math Error?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Feedback' started by David Muehlbauer, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. David Muehlbauer

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    I finished some rings that I designed in Segment Pro and the diameter didn't match what the Summary report said. I checked everything and when I did the math manually I found that the outer diameter didn't match what SP said. I have attached the spreadsheet I created to analyze the difference, and I used Excel's representation of Pi (not 3.1416). The difference is 2-3% on each row.

    What am I missing here?

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  2. mfisher

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    You will have to ask Lloyd for what numbers he is using for Pi and what formula that used for calculating SEL.
    I would suggest you contact him by email.

    Most turners I know pad the diameters. If you are wanting a 6 inch ring, you make a 6.125 or 6.25 inch ring. In the design you add width to allow turning down to the desired 6 inch. I have noticed that WTP and SP don't always have the same number. But we are talking such a small number difference.
  3. Jeff Miller

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    I'm wondering if SP is calculating the ring with the "tips" cut off to get a true circle, while the excel formula is going tip to tip, or maximum circumference.

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