New old member from Maryland


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Hello, my name is Jerry. I have been turning for about 15 years. I bought the original three products pretty soon after I started turning. Now that I have retired and updated my shop a bit I just updated all the software and am starting again.

My other woodworking that I do is repairs on wooden boats and some cabinetry. I am trying to keep the projects smaller now but more of them. I am also an avid fisherman on the Chesapeake Bay.

Lloyd Johnson

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Hi Jerry,
It's great to hear from you again!

Segmenting has changed dramatically in the past 10 years - almost all for the better. Segmenting is now easier and faster. Also, when I started Woodturner PRO in 2001, segmenting was appreciated by no more than 10% of woodturners. Now that number is approaching 40%.

With the baby boomers moving into retirement and looking for activities to keep them busy and challenged, more and more of them are turning to woodturning and it is great to see how many of them find that segmenting gives them the challenge they're looking for.

Welcome back!