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Discussion in 'Segment PRO Forum' started by Beth Weiner, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Beth Weiner

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    I clearly must be doing something wrong since I can not find anyone else mentioning this problem. I go through the whole process of designing a bowl and painting the segments. Then I save the plan. At a later time when I want to go back and look at the plan I go to the plans tab. I find my plan. The thumbnail looks correct but when I open the plan it always has rings with 24 segments no matter what I had indicated on the original design. If I go to change the segment number it erases all the painted segments and I have to recreate the whole design. What does one do to either save properly or open properly so that the plan that opens looks like the one I think I have saved?
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  3. Beth Weiner

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    I have figured out how to get things to work for the reopening of the plan. What I need to do is when I launch Segment Pro set the number of segments for my saved plan before I go to the plan to open it. Basically it opens any plan with the number of segments in the Segment Pro window regardless of how many were in the original saved plan. In the tutorial he clearly has 24 segments in the window then opens the eagle bowl with 16 segments. I my case it would have opened with 24 segments.

    Another point in the tutorial also seems to give a different result when I do it.
    He changed the number of segments from 16 to 24 without any problem while I get the a popup screen that says changing the number of segments will cause painted segments to be deleted. And indeed if I say yes they are deleted and I have to start over. Though looking again at the tutorial he had a feature ring but no painted segments so maybe that only is a problem with painted segments.

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  4. Alex Garcia

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    I have just discovered that I am having the same issue. I saved a plan and when I reopen it, everything is back to the defaults. Have we discovered what my be the cause or what we can do to keep this from happening?
  5. Beth Weiner

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    I never got any answer except to watch the video. The video was no help with the problem but I did learn other useful stuff. Only work around I found was to make sure you have the segments set the same as the saved plan before you open the saved plan. That does not solve everything but does get you started closer to where you left off. There were some things in the video that were more complicated ways to save programs that might also work but I am not a PC knowledgeable person so did not try them.

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