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William Prickett

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So... I not am a huge computer guy. But I have all three software's. In Lamination Pro why (or maybe it does and I'm just dense) doesn't it give you the total lengths of boards and why can I not add lengths. So if I want to make a chevron feature ring on a 12 sided bowl and there are 2 different size bowls and the feature rings need to change widths. I don't know if this makes any sense at all.

so if I wanna get really crazy and wanna do a 3 generation vase and what it to be X amount long and X wide how to I plug these figures into make what I want.

Hope I am making some sense.

Bob Beaupre

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Down on the bottom bar. Lowest part of the screen is the length of the board.
It works off the number of repeating units


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Hi William.
I hope this will answer your questions. LP does give you the length of board you need to make the pattern.
When you build a featured ring in WTP you are establishing how tall the ring will be (ring height), number of segments and diameter of the ring.
This information is inputted into LP:
- Look for Export Region (red rectangle). This should be adjusted to be your featured ring height (ex: 1.25")
- The Reaping unit is the Segment Edge Length needed to make the diameter ring as determined in WTP. The Repeating Unit length is adjusted by changing the First Cut width. Set the RU as close to the SEL as you can get it.
- How long of board you need is at the bottom of the window labeled as Laminate Needed. That measurement would not allow for any waste or extras. the Plus 20% Allowance is the board length you should use. It allows for waste and a few extras.
The above covers the 1st gen producing a Chevron.

If you click on 2ng gen or 3gen , note the laminate length needed increases. Just remember you are taking a board you created in the laminate wizard, producing a pattern through generational cuts. The final generation is what you should used to determine how long your board needs to be.

Hi Bob. You posted while I was still typing. darn.