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Discussion in 'Segmented Turnings Forum' started by Eric Sellers, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Eric Sellers

    Eric Sellers New Member

    Good evening everyone.

    I am a Veteran and have a super cool idea for a vessel but not sure how to do it. I want to do rings with every other piece alternating between red (paduk or bloodwood)? and white (holly, aspen)?. Those will represent the red and white in the flag.

    The big question is blue. thinking a feature ring with cut out stars in the above mentioned white and doing a blue epoxy. I just don't know if the blue epoxy will saturate into the white wood and will it all hold together?
  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    I know a few turners who have used epoxy to make rings or fill voids in solid turnings. In our club workshop some have made ringmaster bowls out of a epoxy blank.

    imo, epoxy will hold together. Just use good sharp tools and light cuts.
  3. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    The blue wood subject has come up before. If you search "blue wood" you will find some of them.
    This is one I had started awhile back never really came up with a acceptable answer.
    Title: Blue Wood

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