different row heights


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Lloyd. Thanks for your help at SWAT last month. my issues from back then are resolved. But I have another question. I am finally going to make my first open segmented bowl, but the design I have chosen required rows of different heights. see attached. It doesn't look like I can do that with Segment Pro.

Also some feedback. As much as I like the tutorials and the forum, they are no substitute for a users manual. With a manual I can quickly search up the answer to a question.



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WTP would allow you to design an open segment bowl with different row heights. Unfortunately SP does not provide that type of control in the design that I am aware of. SP has some control with accent rings when dealing with a featured ring.


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Thanks guys. that's what I figured but I thought I'd ask. Figures that the first open segment piece I decide to do and Segment Pro can'b be used! regarding my comment about a users manual, I know writing documentation is huge task, but I hope Lloyd will see fit to do one.

Lloyd Johnson

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This winter, I hope to add the capabilities to change settings at the row level. However, this is a complete departure from how the software was designed as the purpose of Segment PRO is to have a simple interface to create bowls that follow a very standard protocol. To allow changes at the row level means adding a whole new level of interface and the software will become that much harder to use. My idea has always been that when you have a bowl that meets the definition of standard, use Segment PRO. As soon as you need customization to the row level, user Woodturner PRO. Once you get used to using Woodturner PRO and the ability to make changes to some or all of the rows simultaneously, you'll see why it is an excellent alternative to using Segment PRO.

The problem has always been that there is a large portion of the user community that struggles with the learning curve of software and there has been a lot of frustration over this with Woodturner PRO through the years. Segment PRO is my answer to that problem and I will not be making changes to it that makes it harder to use. If I can add functionality without adding interface, I'll do my best to do just that.

With regards to user manuals, they are a thing of the past - not just by me, but by all software companies. There are two major problems - first, as you thought, they are terribly difficult and time consuming to produce and they require LOTS of effort to keep them synchronized with software updates. Second, nobody would ever read them. 3DP, WTP and LamPro have had printable user manuals embedded in the software since the day they were written but less than 10% of users have ever bothered to open them. With the video tutorials for Segment PRO, on the other hand, you'll see that every one has been watched nearly 1,000 times and one has been watched 5,000 times.

Its a sign of the times, I'd have to say, but the only way it would be possible to do user manuals is to contract it out and the cost of that and there's no way that could ever happen.