1. compound bowl 2

    compound bowl 2

  2. compound bowl 1

    compound bowl 1

  3. Lamination 1

    Lamination 1

    I saw a picture of a turning called "a coat of many colors" and thought I would give it a try. I used wenge, maple, yellow heart and purple heart.
  4. Orbits


    It consists of 12 x 18-segment rings (Beech) glued together and then turned into a sphere. It is then parted and a thin ring (3 mm) glued between the two halves of the sphere. This process is repeated 4 times and the result is what you see. It has a diameter of about 130 mm (5.1 inch) and...
  5. Stacked Wood Example

    Stacked Wood Example

    Built from the plan found on Woodturner PRO's web site - the feature ring was the one that Lloyd Johnson used for his SketchUp Demo. Walnut & Maple Highlighted with Holly & Ebony
  6. Kevin's Round Bowl

    Kevin's Round Bowl

    Built from a plan found on Woodturner PRO's web site Maple and Walnut
  7. Southwest Star Bowl

    Southwest Star Bowl

    Built from Kevin Neelley's design that I purchased from the WoodturnerPro web site. Woods Used: Black Limb and Bloodwood accented by holly and dyed black veneer Dimensions: H: 5-1/4" X W: 7-1/2"
  8. Star Plate

    Star Plate

    Maple and Bloodwood, plate diameter is 11.25"
  9. SWTbirdVase2


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  10. SWTbirdVase1


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  11. SWBlanketBowl8


    5-1/2" h x 7-7/8" d Maple Walnut Paduak
  12. SWBlanketBowl6


    4" h x 7" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  13. SWBlanketBowl5


    5-7/8" h x 7-3/8" d Maple Sirari Lyptus Walnut
  14. SWBlanketBowl4


    5-3/8"h x 5-5/8" d Mahogany Wenge Yellowheart Sirari Maple
  15. SWBlanketBowl3


    5-3/4" h x 7-1/2"d Curly Maple Purpleheart Soft Maple Lyptus
  16. SWBlanketBowl1


    4-7/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Maple Purpleheart Sirari Tigrillo
  17. pepper_and_salt_mills


    11 inch pepper and salt mills. myrtle, walnut and maple
  18. Segmented Bowls

    Segmented Bowls

    Philippine Mahogany, Maple, 189 pieces