1. 20211023_173939.jpg


    Padouk has a dark side and a bright side, so i tried to show it very nicely 1 coat of waterbased polyurethane. 100 hours of fun.
  2. 20211023_173931.jpg


    pattern is made with segment pro, drawn 20 times and erased 19 times.
  3. R

    Gaps Between Segmented Rings

    Hello Everyone. I'm in the process of creating my first segmented bowl using the Segment PRO software and Stomper. I didn't have any problems gluing up the segments to make a ring (i.e. no gaps), but when I assembled the rings I got a couple of rings with small gaps. I ran the rings through...
  4. Peter Huckstep

    My Second Urn

    A close friends wife past away and I felt I needed to do something special for his family. I got to work and made this urn. I don't think its bad for my second urn. I added a threaded lid for ease of opening and closing and some chatter work to the lid.
  5. Lloyd Johnson

    01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

    This video will give you a quick overview of the main features of Segment PRO. At the conclusion of the video, you'll find links to other resources of the software. The following links will let learn more about Segment PRO: Woodturner PRO website: Title: Welcome to Woodturner PRO - Segmented...
  6. Dizzy Vase

    Dizzy Vase

    I've seen some Dizzy Bowls and wanted to apply the technique to a vase. I also used a glass tube in the vase so that it would be a usable project.
  7. fishing vase

    fishing vase

    Here is my latest turning which features inlay work depicting a man in a boat fishing with fish below him and birds above it is constructed using Ash for the sea bed / river bed, Sapele as the sea Ash oak and maple for the fish Maple for the sky Walnut for the fisher man birds and...
  8. segmented vase

    segmented vase

    I made this vase for my daughter as a Christmas present. I dyed the wood.
  9. Zig Zag vase

    Zig Zag vase

    Made of blood wood and curly maple. Stands 20" tall.
  10. Segmented Patterned Bowl

    Segmented Patterned Bowl

    Segmented pattern Kauri top and base with Rimu, Kahikatea, Cedar and Fijian Kauri segments 140 mm in diameter x 100 mm high.
  11. Segmented Fruit Bowl

    Segmented Fruit Bowl

    Segmented fruit bowl turned from Red Oak and Fijian Kauri 260 mm diameter x 90 mm high
  12. sunrise


    Loosely base on hallow form 505 of 3d pro. It is constructed out of sapele and oak, walnut and beech, it is 270mm in dia and 180mm tall. the design for the feature ring came from inspiration from Malcolm Tibbetts book
  13. hallow form 511

    hallow form 511

    This vessel is constructed out of my favourite timbers sapele walnut and beech the design is based on a chapter in Malcolm tibbetts book, and was constructed using the stacked timber method. The vessels form was taken from one of 3d pro's included designs which was hallow form 511. This vessel...
  14. Segmented Bowl

    Segmented Bowl

    This bowl is made from of African White Pear and the Southwest (SW) inserts are made of Bubinga, Beech and Imbuia. The frame demarcating the SW inserts is 2 mm thick American Walnut. The dimensions are: Height = 140 mm and Width = 208 mm.
  15. Segmented Bowl

    Segmented Bowl

    Segmented bowl made from Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. 48 Segments per row x 22 rows - 1056 segments. Each row is 0.25" high. Bowl is 6.5' high x 7" diameter.
  16. Segmented Bowl

    Segmented Bowl

    Bowl is one of a set of three identical bowls. Segmented Bowl made from Walnut, Cherry and Bloodwood. 48 segments per row x 23 rows - each row is 0.25" high. 1100 pieces total. Bowl is 6" high x 6.5" diameter.
  17. Large Segmented Egg

    Large Segmented Egg

    6" high Segemeted Egg made from walnut, cherry, bloodwood, purpleheart.
  18. 31 1/2" Segmented Vase

    31 1/2" Segmented Vase

    This is my 4th Segmented turn production, It just made by American Oak and Vietnam Bloodwood. Hope you like it.
  19. Segmented Lamp

    Segmented Lamp

    This is my first segmented lamp. 242 segments. I am very new at segmenting and I am having a lot of fun doing it.
  20. best mistake I ever made

    best mistake I ever made

    Walnut segmented bowl with walnut, purpleheart, figured maple and wenge feature ring