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Hallow vesel, leaf design

Hallow vesel, leaf design

hallow vessel, 295mm tall x 200mm diametre, made from wenge ash and sapele,finish with melemine laquer
thanks for the positive comments,
Ive been absent from the scene for a while due to me buying a hobby cnc that literally consumed all my spare time and nearly drove me mad, ive escaped from its grips and i am hoping to get back into segmented turning again,
No the leaf design was done using the scroll saw, using the same method as i used for my barley twist vase, ive struggled to use the cnc to do any intricate designs for wood turning. I though i could have thats why i bought the cnc to do inlay work, the trouble is when you are trying to fit a design on a segment the cutters are just two big to create any thing intricate, it really hard. You waste so much time trying to do the simplist things, using the scroll saw is much more productive

bob ive wasted something like 8 months on the hobby cnc i bought and built ,chasing gremlins and faulty wiring, ive probably rewired it 3 times, one day its working and the next it won't its been a real nightmare.
Ive also wasted alot of money , alot of money.

ive used it for work to make v carved signs a couple of times that all, its a regret an mostly causes me agro, takes quite alot of room too, i can now think of other tool i could have to use in the space it wastes

bob have you manage to create anything on yours thats segmeted turning related
Martyn: I have done mountain scenes using a stack scroll saw method. I asked about the cnc since you mentioned it was taken up your time. As stated very nice work.
Hi Mike, yes i like the stack scrollsaw method alot,as stated above i spent most of the time fixing the cnc (electrically) than using it
@martyn No nothing segmented related as of yet. But I have been watching Tom Lohman, he is doing a bowl from a board and using the CNC. He is going to be a demonstrator at the Segmented Woodturners symposium in October. I'll be picking his brain then
cool, cncs are difficult to make practical use of, great for passing the hours

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