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Nature themed bowl

Nature themed bowl

This bowl is 300mm in diameter and 200mm tall, constructed out of ash sapele and wenge, feature ring is 12 segments with 6 different inlays, the foot is construct out of 24 seg ring featuring a continous leaf design
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Nice work.
I made a "horse bowl" a while back for a friend. The horse design was burned in using a laser cnc that a member of the woodshop owns.
Beautiful work Martyn. I like the way you did the base too. Outstanding. Did you do the inlay work with a CNC?
thanks guys, yes i did it with my cnc

makes it sound like its cheating. I used to look at cncs and say its the easy way any one can do that but truth be known, it would have been easier using the scroll saw. Setting up my cnc to produce the perfect inlay every time was time consuming and fustrating but rewarding in the end
To make the design on the base i had to use a 0.79mm end mill as the detail is too small for any bigger cutter, With the .79mm end mill the maximum depth is 4.5mm limiting my inlay thickness to that, meaning they was not much tolerance to turn before i cut through the inlay.
I am a wood machinist/ joiner and many people say machining is just pressing buttons, but actually its more setting up the machine were the skill is then anyone can press the button if they know what they are doing an are capable of operate the machine safely.

anyone can ride a bus, but not everyone can drive one

Thanks for the positive coments its really is the cherry on top after completing a turning
Hi Martyn, I hope you don't think my question about the CNC was meant to be disparaging as I am aware that using the CNC requires it's own skill set just like any other woodworking machine. I am currently doing feature ring for a bowl with inlays all around using my Scroll saw. I am letting the inlays go all the way through so that they also show on the inside. The scroll sawing has been challenging but I have worked out a procedure that seems to be working well so far. Of course I won't know how well until it is finished. More importantly I am having fun and it is my first feature ring. If it doesn't turn out as well as I hope at least I will have learned something.
I did CNC wood the old hard way by programming it with Trig when I was in the Air Force Machine Shop. It is MUCH easier now a days but still takes time. Good thing about it is once it is done it can be done many times.

Good job
hey mike, no affence taken, wasnt trying to come across defensive, sorry if it read like that. Ive prevously used the scroll saw on my turnings the reason my designs often didnt transfer to the inside is because the thicker your stacked material gets on the scroll saw the more the blade struggles and warps. I would tilted the blade a couple degrees to compensate for blade kerf and then when you cut youre parts if you are successful your inlay will sit quite nicely in its pocket, i cut many ill fitting inlays with scroll saw, i just bin them an try again until i was happy

hi Arlin i too have done it the hard way in the past, when i was just starting my carrer after i finnish my apprentiship 2003/4 i did a night course at the college for two years in cnc programing. That involve g-codes. and writing the code line by line, it was very hard and tedious to do the smallest programme, but technology moves on and things get easier.
By far the hardest part of using my cnc was building it and wiring it all up and the hours chasing out all the gremlins and getting it to work.
Like anything once you get it working you are away, its getting things working that can be the issue
hi martyn, So true that thick pieces don't scroll accurately (blade drag?) Instead of cutting real thick wood for the feature ring, I taped 2 lengths of stock slightly over 3/4" thick together and then cut my segments. I cut two inlays of the same image into both pieces of each segment and then face glued them together. The glue line falls in the middle of the bowl profile and gives the illusion that it is one inlay that goes all the way through. I should be finished with this turning in a week or so and then I will post it.
That a clever idea never thought about that. I look forward to seeing you turning Mike

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