Are the software programs compatible with Apple IPad?

Don Fillenworth

New Member
I just recently purchased the complete software bundle to run on my Laptop running Windows. I would also like to be able to work with the software on my iPad. Is that possible?

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
No, not by a long shot. The programs are way too powerful to run on iOS.

However, I may have apps that let you take output from the desktop version and let you take that to the shop, but wouldn't be able to change it. It will be more of a Plan Reader.

It would be a lot of work for basically no income. But I'm pretty good at math, and I know when things don't add up, so don't hold your breath on mobile apps.

What you probably saw in the other thread was simply a PDF file I transferred to my iPad. It worked GREAT for that.


Don Fillenworth

New Member
OK, thanks for the reply. Just a thought. I'll work up my designs and cut lists on my laptop and print out to take to my shop. Thanks for all the assistance and support!