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Slot mortising jig


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ok i know this has zilch to do with segmented turning but I've spent the last couple of months developing this jig. The jig started in plywood using drawer runner which was too unstable, which caused me to rebuild it in 20mm pvc plastic sheet buy a new bigger router and buy two set of linear guide rails meant for use on cnc machines.Cost me a fortune in the end BUT it is a really good jig, weighs a tonne. what u think!

20160604_172416 (1).jpg mark 1, plywood and drawer runners, 1/4" router

20160708_214221.jpg mark 2, 20mm pvc linear bearings, 1/2" router, aluminium bed

20160710_203734.jpg depth is controller buy hand wheel and you move it side to side manually

the original design was from Ryan Nodwell from http://shopbuilt.org he came up with the folding wedge height adjustment idea
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stuart johnson

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I've seem this design before and it looks like it will work fine. I've thought about building a slot mortising jig and have seen this design on Youtube. I think if I was going to go ahead and build something I would probably build the one from http://www.garagewoodworks.com/video.php?video=v16 .
It has been several years since I've done any flatwork other than cabinets so I doubt I'll every get around to building either.


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fair play, that design is great but i went with this design as it is more compact, having a small workspace means space is precious, i can store this on a shelf out of the way