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  1. akuntz

    akuntz PRO Member

    Does anyone have an alternative to drilling the shallow 5/8 hole in the bottom of the vessel or bowl to accomadate the threased end (top) of the stomper. They say to just turn it out when you are done. I do some pieces that are too deep to do this.
  2. Brent Dalrymple

    Brent Dalrymple PRO Member

    What I have done in that case is to glue a small plug (3/4-1" dia. by1/2-1/4" long ) to the center of the bottom, drill the 5/8" hole in that, then turn what's left of the plug off. Could use a square block also. Hope this helps.
  3. akuntz

    akuntz PRO Member

    Thanks Brent.Thats what I was thinking. What if it is say 12" deep. I guess if it is a small opening just sand,finish and leave the impression there
  4. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller Moderator

    I turned a small scrap round then drilled a 5/8" hole in the center. Use two sided tape to attach to the base, pop it off when the glue up is done.
  5. akuntz

    akuntz PRO Member

    Thanks Jeff that sounds like a good idea
  6. Tom Dlugosh

    Tom Dlugosh PRO Member

    I use a removable plug in the plastic plunger that has a sharpened screw in the center. I can remove it and use a longer dowel turned for a snug fit into the plunger for longer length or I turn some items in halves where appropriate. The sharpened screw center allows me to turn a small dimple into the center of the base so it isn't difficult to turn it away on completion of assembly. Alternately, if I use a thin floating base that doesn't leave much to turn away, I'll glue a plug onto the first ring after it's attached to the base using another method for centering it. I then turn that plug away when the assembly is complete to expose the floating base. I suppose you could do that at any ring level and not use any sort of plunger extender by gluing in a bridge and turn a dimple or a hole. that way some of the potential "slop" in the assembly is reduced. I'm sure there must be other ways to "skin" this cat.

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