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First project started


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My Stomper/longworth/segeasy order is supposed to deliver today. I used WTPRO to design the vessel. The rings are cut. Ready to begin glue up and hopefully use my new equipment to assemble the vessel.
molly urnJPG.jpg
Great! Remember that there is a short break-in period before the disks will rotate smoothly. You can speed this up by applying a little parafin wax or similar to the sides of the arc channels. You'll see that they will soon slide with ease.

Looking good, Brad.

I'm sure you are doing this, but whenever you add a new row, make sure you rotate the turning as if it were a turntable and look at it from all four angles. If the plunger was solid and mechanical driven, it would be expected to be always in perfect alignment. Of course, the cost would be several hundred dollars as well. As it is, the sprinkler-based plunger works as intended, but you always have to double-check the joint alignments.

I'm anxious to see more progress.

Thanks for that " heads up". Now to figure out how to proceed with the top half. This is interesting, the vessel will house a rectangular box, more on that later.
I was going to use the football shape you sent me but couldn't figure out how to make it work, maybe another time.
Thanks for your help.