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    Hi all. I did the sketch up thing for the ornament as per the instruction. The tutorial was great but I have come to the conclusion I am an idiot. For the life of me I cannot actually work the turning out. I made 4 blanks as per the design. On the first blank ,using a template, I marked out what would be the inside profile from the outside (edge) corner of the glued up blank. I turned the shape and when I reversed it I had the shape of a tree on the outside. The next blank I marked from the center out on one face. Now I'm sitting here looking at this thing and believe once I turn it and reverse it it will be an upside down tree. First of all does this explanation make sense and secondly can anyone provide a clue to what I am doing wrong. I have done inside outside turning where the center is hollowed out round and that worked.:confused:
  2. Lloyd Johnson

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    To others - to see the tutorials on Inside-Out turnings that is discussed below, click this link:

    Hi Robin,
    I think I understand your explanation, but let me list the steps that are required and I think you'll see what you need to do differently. Specifically there are four blanks that make up the turning, but the blanks are never turned by themselves - they are always turned as a group of four blanks. Here are the steps:

    1. Make four identical blanks and while they are in the final configuration, mark the centers A and the opposite corner of each blank B.
    2. Reverse the position of each blank so that each B is at the center and each A is at the outside. Glue these blanks together with newspaper between them (or use double-sided tape) so that they can later be separated.
    3. Make a template of what is to be the final exposed opening (the Christmas tree, for example). Turn the block of four blanks so that the trunk of the tree is to the outside of the turning.
    4. Separate the four blanks and turn them so the the As are back to the center and glue these together permanently. You should now see a portion of the tree on each of the four sides of this block.
    5. Mount this block on the lathe and turn the final profile of the ornament.

    I assure you that your conclusion of being an idiot is not correct, but it is a conclusion each of us have had when experimenting with inside-out turning.

    Let me know if any of these steps need further clarification.

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    Option 1 Ornament.jpg Option 2 Ornament.jpg These are pics showing the initial assembly. Option 1 is what I tried first. Option 2 is what I'm thinking of trying. Am I still out to lunch?
  4. Lloyd Johnson

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    You're going exactly the right direction with image #2, although I would cut the image a little deeper into the block than you show here.. If you were to mirror your drawing onto the blank on the right, that is what the block should look like if you were to turn it and then cut it in half.

    This means you should now make a template made from paper or cardboard that is the height of the tree and ends with the profile of the tree. Then start your turning and use the template to know when you have turned the tree deep enough into the block.
  5. Robint003

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    I think I've got it. I'll let you know how I make out and thanks very much for your help Lloyd.

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