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brian schumacher

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Watched a wonderfull video, and have a wuestion. the video mentioned the sprinkler was a 12 in pop up, the one in the video looks like a 16 in.
I bought a 12 in pu sprinkler and cut the pvc to 16 in and the shaft only sticks up about an inch. can I cut the pvc to 12 in or what is the recomendation?
thank you in advance
Brian (newbe and maybe dumbeee)

Lloyd Johnson

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If you watch the video again, you'll see that by putting the spring beneath the plunger, the plunger will fully extend through the PVC housing by about 12". You should have to press down on the plunger to get it to go back into the PVC housing. 16" for the PVC housing seems to be about right to me.

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brian schumacher

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Well first of all let me say sorry for thinking I had a 12 in sprinkler- seems I only had a 6 In, guess thats what a rookie is all about. would like to know if the cole jaw in Plastic is available?
thank you Brian Hope this is in the right place. I did make a 6 in stomper(not to waste material..
typing skills not very good.
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