Lamination Pro - Southwest Pattern print preview


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Not sure this is the proper place for this thread. for a comment on Lamination Pro southwest pattern.

In the print preview the following is created.

"To make the 1st. Generation.
cut the laminate board ......

To create the SW design, make a center kerf that is (X) wide
Make (Y) strips on both sides of the center kerf that are (z) wide."

For us beginners in working with laminations, would it be possible to have the instructions in the print preview include a statement that the top or bottom strips have to be shifted one half of a repeating unit to make the design. It also seems to leave out if the "flip strips" was selected.

For now I tend to type the info in the notes area.

Lamination Pro has really improved my understanding of multgen laminations. It is an excellent tool.