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Negative Rake Scraper

Louis Norley

PRO Member
I'm designing an open segment vessel, a fruit bowl about 10 inches in diameter. I have the basic turning tools, bowl gouge and negative rake scrapers. Lloyd states it's best not to use a bowl gouge on the inside of an open vessel especially if you're not very experienced with one. I'm not very experienced in using a bowl gouge on any surface. I'm very low budget and at this time I'm unable to afford the "osprey" turning tool Lloyd says to use on open segmented vessels. Could I use a negative rake scraper on the inside of my open segmented fruit bowl? I am aware of keeping a sharp "burr" on the negative rake scraping tool. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
I have not used a scraper in turning the inside of a open segment vessel. imo, you could use a negative rake scraper doing light cuts.

Lloyd has pointed out that it is good to make sure the open rows you are turning are supported. That is the row is anchored on the top.
This will reduce the possibility of breaking off segments as you are turning. Depending on the vessel design you would shape the inside rows as you add rows. You would not turn the top row till it is anchored by a ring above it.

rows 1 to 6, Shape rings 1 -5.
rows 7 - 12, Shape rings 5 - 11, unless ring 12 is a closed segment ring. then 6-12 can be shaped.