Benchtop table saw

Stuart Kaplan

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First question is what is a good benchtop table saw? Don't have room for a cabinet or hybrid saw. Need to up my game from my 8" ryobi. I have a sled for segmenting. Looking at the Hercules from Harbor Freight, not for the price but has the features at a good price point. Thoughts.
Thanks and looking forward to you answers to my noob questions on segmenting, and reading the forum. Probable not as good as Penthouse but that won't help me with my segmenting...I don't think.


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I have no experience with the HF saw. Here is one review I found

I would carefully look at the HF and see how easy it is to adjust the fence, blade to miter slot, etc. Accuracy is the key to segmenting. Not saying you have to buy the most expensive. But quality does matter.

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