Segment spacers


Stan Gardner

I am designing a large segments bowl (19" dia) and want to have spacers between segments and rows. I am using Segment Pro which has an option for spacers. My question is does the segment length take into account the spacer width? I can't see the spacers in bowl view or the paint view. My first attempt didn't account for them and the rings came out oval


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Hi Stan:
- SP will recalculate the segment edge length based on how thick your spacers are.

Take look at your Bowl Setting window in SP
You have a drop down menu for spacers with the choices of:
- Default Rings (Rings that are not the featured ring)
- Featured Ring Spacers only for the featured ring)
- All Rings.
You also have a setting to tell SP how thick the spacers are.

Since SP is rules based, you would need to select "Featured Ring" in the Bowl Setting
Reason , If you are "painting" a design, you would not be inserting spacers as a rule
If you are doing a tornado design, you would not be inserting spacers as a rule.