Hi from Saratoga Springs, Utah


Craig Allen

I retired 3 years ago from teaching. My plan was to enjoy scroll sawing for a nice hobby. I started to buy shop equipment to help in my scrolling and before I knew it, My equipment had taken over the entire garage and I finally even got a midi lathe, which has just about nothing to do with scrolling. Now I have so many various projects that I want to make “next” for my family and friends that I feel that there just isn’t enough time to make them all. But I am determined to drop all projects and finally scratch my itch for segmented turning. I think I may have finally “arrived” and just might not go back to anything else.


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Welcome Craig to WTP.
You will find the software to be very helpful in designing segmented vessels.
- WoodTurner Pro gives you full control of each ring.
- Segment Pro is rules based and does a lot of the layout for you.

Ernie Mills a club member I know made this clock project years ago. The clock is mounted in turned segment platter and a scroll work border.
See, you can still use your skills and passion for scrolling and do segment projects on the lathe.

scroll clock.jpg