hello from Ohio


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My name is tom. I got into making segmented bowl some years back but life got in the way and have not tuned anything since 2009. I recently retired and have had
plans on getting back into it for a long time. The time is here. I did some research and went with wood turner pro. Back in the day I used the graph paper to figure out segment lengths, angles and such. I am so pleased with the software. I have worked on cnc equipment for 30 plus years and purchased one last fall. I read about the wedgie fixture. I programed it and made a fixture with several angles. I sure wish we had this 25 years ago. Anyway starting back on one in the shop.
Wanted to keep it simple for my first time out since it has been so long, but as my wife says I can ever do anything simple. I am up to 586 pieces. Any way this web sight seems to have a lot of great ideas and people are very forth coming to answer question.


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Sounds like you are well on your way in segmenting. Lloyd's software makes the planning a breeze compared to the old graph paper approach.
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