Wow...they actually let me in.


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New member, new to segmenting. Been turning over 8 years, full time for 5. I'm a woodturning teacher and supplies retailer as well as being a demonstrator. Have been resisting all things segment but over the course of the last 3 years Pete Marken has been on my back to try "something". During those 3 years I purchased or upgraded supporting equipment, added a Stomper, picked up wedgies and a sled and finally tried my hand at a Vortex bowl. No, didn't use the wedgies...just got a good deal and set myself up for the future. Turns out I really like the Vortex process and having jigs, software and a tablesaw big enough to easily use a sled has allowed me to start trying to make proper segmented rings. First one cut yesterday and now I want to do a finished piece!! Kind of exciting for me as I'm not exactly known as a precision kind of turner. Fun times ahead!!


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Welcome to WTP forum.
You will find the segmenting will open the world to you of endless possibilities. Especially since you are well versed on the lathe.
Like you I did solid turnings before trying segment vessels. I still like to turn a solid vessel, make a featured ring, then cut out the section to accommodate the featured ring.

Lloyd's software makes the planning part fun and easy. The forum is a good place to ask questions and share your experiences.

Enjoy the venture of doing segmented vessels. Warning , it can become habit forming.